Play as pighorse who is trying to collect items from games to pay his respects to his beloved devs.

This game could be confusing to most people since it includes a lot of inside jokes fromthe games we made with HonestDan in game jams. A list of the original versions of these games can be found here:

  1. One True Love: Alchemy Between Us
  2. 2Dogmension
  3. My Greedy Dog Steve
  4. Bloodbarn
  5. You're a Pizza Ship
  6. Vincent's Sacrifice
  7. The Curse of Cattenburg
  8. Bunnurse

Movement: WASD
Jump: Space
Inventory: E


  • All music were taken from the original games.
  • 80% of the SFX were again taken from the original versions.
  • One True Love ingredient sprites, Potion Sprite
  • Vincent's "lost ear" sprite
  • Greedy Dog Steve sprites
  • Bunnurse mesh and textures
  • Pizza Ship mesh and textures
  • Cattenburg Sprites
  • Bloodbarn meshes
  • Pighorse was premade but I reworked it and spent a lot of time on its bone structure.
  • 2Dogmension meat mesh and texture

I know I have a huge premade asset list but I also created same amount of assets from scratch. It was a huge scope :D Enjoy :)


Download 54 MB


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I loved this game, searching for everything. After a while i was stuck though and couldn't find the parts i needed. One thing i liked less was the 'invisible walls'.

:D for the rest a lot of laughs and tributes.

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Mwhaha. This is wonderful.

why is it yelling cabbage at me. i love it.