This 3D runner has a unique twist - despite the levels being in 3 Dimensional space, you are limited to see and move in only 2 Dimensional space. Luckily you can switch between perspectives, to allow you to move in all three dimensions, but you must actively switch between a side-on and a top-down perspective in order to navigate through the level.

As a hungry pup, you are always hungry! Be sure to eat the meat pieces you come across to stop yourself from starving to death! Though don't just eat anything that's in your way - bees are not the finest of delicacies and will cause you to be sick! 

With a variety of levels building up in difficulty, and a level select mode if you get stuck, we hope you find this game both challenging and fun to master.


Left-Click: Switch Dimension (Top / Side)

Up Arrow: Jump

Up Arrow: Move Left
Down Arrow: Move Right


Music, 3D Art, Game Design and Programming: BrainoidGames
GameDesign, Programming, LifeStruggles: HonestDanGames