A downloadable game for Windows

An ARPG game without loot or skill trees. Because not enough time :)

Quick Story

An evil force puts everyone to sleep.  The oracle and his apprentice is fighting back to wake everyone up.

We spend melatonin to perform a ranged magical attack. The only way to get melatonin back is to leech it from enemies or by falling asleep(losing all your hp).

Every time you die and sometimes when you leech, you get haunted by a dream. You will be experiencing the side effects of this dream. If you stack more than 6 dreams, you lose the game.

Move / Interact: Left Mouse Button
Melee Attack: Left Mouse Button
Ranged Attack: Right Mouse Button

Shift + Left Mouse Button: Stationary Melee Attack


Awakin 1.0.zip 98 MB

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